Gold Confiscation Coming Next. Stealing your gold will be like taking candy from a baby.

Gold Confiscation Coming Next.

Remember, FDR’s  EO 6102?
“Hang on to your gold teeth!  After the gun confiscation is done, stealing your gold will be like taking candy from a baby.”  dr Meno

Summary of EO 6102.
With Executive Order 6102, he, FDR, criminalized the possession of gold coin, bullion and gold certificates by any U.S. individual, partnership, association or corporation.
Roosevelt justified his radical move with the spurious claim that “hoarding” of gold was stalling economic growth. This law remained in effect until 1975, when President Gerald R. Ford re-legalized private ownership of gold coins, bars and certificates.
Roosevelt based his executive order on the 1933 Emergency Banking Relief Act, which gave the president power to curb gold hoarding in any “declared national emergency” — an eerie historic echo of the PATRIOT Act.

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IMMIGRATION LIES. dr Meno on Immigration, Corporate Imperialism, Native Genocide, and FEMA Camps

IMMIGRATION LIES. dr Meno on Immigration, Corporate Imperialism, Native Genocide, and FEMA Camps

Dr Meno On Immigration, Corporate Imperialism, Native Genocide, and FEMA Camps.

Hilarious South Park Video Clip demonstrating the point in this video.
Link to the South Park episode clip “You’re Going the Wrong Way”.

The Last of the Meheecans s15e09
You’re Going the Wrong Way!

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Nuclear Power, Just to BOIL WATER?? How Insane is That

Nuclear Power, Just to BOIL WATER?? How Insane is That

Come on Humans. Are you serious that the best way you all can think on how to boil water is to create a nuclear fission?  Has anyone thought about this?  YES, that is right!  We split atoms just to boil water, to make steam, to turn a turbine.  Is not this an asinine idea?  Especially when you think of all of the devastation and pollution that nuclear accidents has caused in the past.  Looking forward, what about the future of the hazardous waste it leaves behind.  The spent fuel rods held in storage for thousands of years.
With all of the unharnessed energy sources on this earth, geo-thermo, lighting, friction, silicon,  waves, hydro,  Solar, the moon,  gravity, or one of Tesla’s inventions, that  we can’t come with a better way to make water boil?

Are the consequences worth the benefits?  I think not.

Some research says that it is the most efficient way to produce energy.  BUT what is not taken in to account is the after affects of the nuclear power.  The spent rods and contamination pollution.   With incurs cost, managing the waste that is unpredictable in the future.
How many deaths are attributed to nuclear power as compared to oil, coal, and hydro power?  How much sickness, cancer, leukemia has been attributed to the later.


NATO vs BRICS WAR in Brazil.




Brazil 2014

NATO v BRICS, Germany vs Brazil  today,

JULY 8TH 2014

NATO v BRICS, Netherlands  vs Argentina  tomorrow,  JULY 9TH, 2014


NATO v BRICS War on the soccer field.  The model of World War 3.  Will this be the precursor to the inevitable World War Three?  It is too bad we can not solve all of the world’s issues in a friendly game of Futbol.  Of course more civil would  be a game of chess.  Just think , all secular, political, controlling resources, and boundary issues,  could be solved in this manner.

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Costa Rica Military has Armed Forces?

Costa Rica Military? Say What?

Costa Rica military does exist: Military Armed Forces ( Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Homeland Security ) includes a very efficient army. Most staffed with the latest guns and armor.   They swarm in and eliminate their enemy with the upmost scrutiny.  Hours of Boot camp training along with instinctual knowledge in swarm and deactivate military tactics.  A method of shock and awe.  Within minutes the enemy is subdued.  CR’s army does not believe in torturing detainees.

CR has a well trained expert engineers graduated from their own TEC, University of Technology. Their astute army has a team of proficient construction Army Corps of Engineers. Only seconds to a miracle, a sturdy bridge can be built.  Within minutes an island or embarcadero can be built to dock their invading Navy and Marines.
Costa Rica has some of the most intelligent navy personnel.  State of the art naval fleet has superb communication, 24/7.  They are the forerunners in sonar and communication technology.  Navajo code talkers can’t even come close to their sonar encrypted communications.  It still baffles all of mankind how they do it. Continue reading

Will A False Flag Event at World Cup Be A Precursor to WW3?


Conceals WW3 in Eurasia?  or
Will it be the Ceremonial Beginning of WW3?
Will Russia/China Come to the Aide of Their BRICS Buddy?

brazil protest

dr Meno is sticking his neck out at this forecast.  He has been haunted with the notion that there will be a major false flag or real event at the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Brazil.    It is about time that NATO will make a major move in the Ukraine to agitate Putin and Russia beyond the breaking point.  It is like Putin is a tiger in a cage and NATO is passing guns across the bars of the cage, prodding him with a big stick in his face. Continue reading

On Atheism

atheistAtheism Requires God

I have always contended that in order to be an Atheist, you have to believe in God. For without the existence God there would be no atheism. In other words, you have to contradict something like a God, then you have to believe it true to be against something. You can still be an Atheist, you just believe in God too.  Agnostics, well we just don’t care either way. Continue reading


bankstersThe Demise of our Economy:  The Banksters Ultimate Scam of Looting and Thievery

This article is a summation of 2 of Max Keiser Reports on .  Max and Stacy expose the criminal activity of the Banksters.  They reveal how Bernanke’s 0% interest has drained the funds from retirement funds and investments.  Bernanke’s involvement is the result of government interference in trying to save the economy… Continue reading

Fiscal Profiling

Fiscal Profiling in Costa Rica

Anti-Gringo discrimination, racial profiling, is rampant in Costa Rica. Fiscal Profiling is the moda.

I am really fed up with the discrimination here against Gringos in Costa Rica. Most Ticos really hate us here. Discrimination is as rampant in Costa Rica as it is anywhere in the world.  The Gringos are at the bottom of the list.  Below the Nicas and even below the Caribis.

Yes now I hear the gasping of the readers.  Such a tabu subject to be spoken in public.  It is as a secret as the everyday talk in the living rooms of most households in Costa Rica.  Just as it is very true in most houses in the U.S.A.  Now that my Spanish is getting better I hear the comments from the Ticos.  Continue reading

Mad World

It’s All a  MAD, MAD World

The first issue of this new column is for the purpose of catching you up on some recent events that may have purposely slipped through the mainline media. Each week I will present to you some news from around the world , news you may not have heard of. I bring you this along with some of my personal commentary and input. Continue reading