About RadioPacSur.com

Radio Pac Sur, aka RPS, short for Radio Pacifico Sur is an alternative internet talk and music radio station, streaming live from the Pacific Southern Zone of Costa Rica.  Following is what we are all about:

Our programming is diverse, encompassing all musical genres but we also have within our programming news segments, commentary and videos by dr Meno. And the most stimulating alternative talk format you can imagine. What do you expect when you are trying to eradicate corrupt corporations and crooked politicians from the most corrupt government of all time? Peacefully.


The emphasis and theme relates to the Ex-Pat or Expatriate, no matter what country you are considering or have expatriated from. We had to go to this means of media because the conventional radio stations would not allow the content we are planning to deliver.

It is a shame that we had to relocate to another country to exercise our free speech, because it is non-existent in the United States. The constitution there is obsolete.

During evening hours, RPS offers a talk format, or better stated: interactive radio. Join us as we discuss issues affecting our daily life’s struggles with regards to:

  • the economy
  • politics
  • corruption
  • corporate bastardizations
  • take over of the NWO (new world order)

Check out our Radio Schedule. Listen in. Call in and join in the discussions of some of the aforementioned issues.

RPS plays a variety of music: from the latino genre to all of the great gringo classics. We will also be presenting, “The Wolfman Jack Show.” Let us know what music you’d like to hear and we’ll do our best to play it.

The Man On the Mic: dr meno

about radio pac sur dr meno
dr Meno On Air

My moniker, or alias, is dr Meno. I am a true Ex Patriot. A self proclaimed Shepard of the Sheeple; the little boy in the Emperor’s new clothes.  A Meta-Ethicist.  A modest forecaster that history has proved correct time after time. So now I am making a run to inform the world of what is to come if people do not take measures to reform the standard norm.

I am fighting the NWO and all of its dominating efforts and corruption. The world domination of the elite, the Illuminati, Rothschild, or what ever you want to refer them as.

My life experiences helps me to look ahead of what is to come.

dr Meno’s Life Experiences

I have been a Talk Show host, DJ, radio production, Teacher, (one year college level), fireman, law enforcement, retail stores , general contractor, writer, publisher, electronics factories, gas station attendant when gas was 12 cents a gallon, Real estate investments, and proud owner of Buttcrack Maintenance.

My most important job, however, has been as a single father.

I have worn many hats in my life. I draw from all of life’s experiences. I have had more careers and professions that take most people to a lifetime to master. A jack of all trades and a master of all. “And other duties as assigned. ”

Religion: A Self Proclaimed Social Philosopher. A self convinced Agnostic. I have attended, Baptized and been member of churches of Catholic, Pentecostal, Christian, Baptist. I have studied many religions in the world. I have my own religion that supersedes all theories of existence of God.

Additionally, I have been meditating for over 37 years. Which is the world’s best kept secret, because it works.

Education: My education includes, A 2 year degree in Broadcasting, BA in Philosophy, MA in Sociology. I started out as a Chemical Engineer, but after 72 units, changed to Philosophy. I studying the physical world wasn’t good enough for me. I switch to the metaphysical world. The world of Philosophy. This is what “higher education” is all about.

I, dr Meno, draw from life experiences and philosophical intuitions to work at solving humanities problems.

The Why of All This

The demise and the inevitable fall of the USA as predicted (by dr Meno) over 10 years ago lead me to relocate my family out of the country to Central America. I didn’t want my kids to go to war, or pay off the debt that the baby boomers put on them. I wanted them to get away from the poisons in the food, water, air, ground in the USA. I wanted to give them a fighting chance of survival in the world.

I adamantly disagree with the corruption, lies, and the deceit coming from our elected officials.

There is no free speech, no constitution left in the USA.

Sadly, we’ve lost the country.

I tried to initiate The Fiscal Revolution a decade ago. I was on the national Talk Show (USA) circuit promoting this movement. We would of had control of the money flow around the world. They didn’t take me seriously. Had they listened we might not be in the financial mess as we are in now.

I draw from all of my life’s experiences to reflect on today’s problems.
I have come up with grand theories that people are reluctant to accept. Listen in to my YouTube videos and radio commentary; you’re sure to find some interesting ideas to get you thinking about the state of things. Let’s talk about them!

dr Meno, RadioPacSur.com

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