On Atheism

atheistAtheism Requires God

I have always contended that in order to be an Atheist, you have to believe in God. For without the existence God there would be no atheism. In other words, you have to contradict something like a God, then you have to believe it true to be against something. You can still be an Atheist, you just believe in God too.  Agnostics, well we just don’t care either way.

I am not against any religions.  Any group that tries to turn man around on a correct and moral path, I am all for them. AND just about anything that keeps mankind from killing , stealing, screwing his buddies wife, honor proper authority, lie, (that is a big one), etc. and as well, minus the 1% extreme radicals that give their religion a bad rap.

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    1. Good argument. Is there an Agnostic approach to Lepercauns? I have been caught chasing rainbows before.

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