bankstersThe Demise of our Economy:  The Banksters Ultimate Scam of Looting and Thievery

This article is a summation of 2 of Max Keiser Reports on .  Max and Stacy expose the criminal activity of the Banksters.  They reveal how Bernanke’s 0% interest has drained the funds from retirement funds and investments.  Bernanke’s involvement is the result of government interference in trying to save the economy… Here are some facts and figures on how this financial fiasco takes place:

The ZIRP, (zero percent interest rate principle) has cost the consumer and saver $371 billion in spending potential and 3.5 million jobs.  It is this situation that will hamper recovery of the economy.   The role of the consumer is to spend, BUT if you take away $371 billion of potential cash flow out of circulation, the economy will never recover.

People with savings can earn huge interest and go out and spend that money or pay off debt.  Instead they are incurring more debt in a negative Interest scam against savers.  There are 6 countries in Europe that have a negative interest rate. And who are these savers:  yourselves, your neighbors, all pension funds, 401Ks, IRA’s etc.  Also, savings provides the capital to make investments.

The  Global Bank$ters offer 0% interest to other banks, but loan out money at a higher rate of interest to governments and bailouts.  They do this intentionally knowing  that they cannot pay back the loan which then allows them to repossess the property on which the loan was made.  Greece is good example of this scam.  Soon other countries will follow.  Italy, Spain, USA.

ZIRP translates to money with no value.  Money needs to have an
interest rate to give it value.  Otherwise it is worthless.  Interestingly,
retirement investments are not earning interest and are becoming of less and less value and in some cases worthless.   The pension funds are being drained by payout of earned pensions. Max explains this further in his videos.   The banking system has forced everyone to use banks to carry out their daily living.

What we are experiencing is the de capitalization of the West.  This is how one bleeds a turnip.  The Ban$ters are sucking the very life of the economy out of us poor slobs.

Austerity and growth: Non-compatible

Between 2005 and 2007 banks held about 6.97 trillion in bank deposits of customers interest  bearing accounts.  During the past two quarters they held an average of $7.31 trillion.  During that first period when fed rates were an average of  4.5%, banks paid their customers an average of $39.6 billion of interest per quarter.  Now with ZIRP, the banks pay an average of $8.9 billion in interest per quarter, or nearly 77% less interest paid out.

$30.7 billion less paid outs per quarter or $133 billion per year.  This
translates to pure profit for the Bank$ters.  This is called wealth
distribution to the 1% of the 1%.  The Bank$ters have siphoned off that much money from circulating  in the economy.    Since ZIRP in 2008, Bank$ters saved almost $486 billion in interest payments.  On top of that, the average salary and atta boy compensation increased by approximately 23%.  At the same time dividend payments declined by 14.05%.

This is not re distribution of wealth, it is purely looting and stealing,”  according to Max Keiser.   This is a racket.  An example of this is JPMorgan/Chase whose deposits have disproportionately  increased by 46% since 2007.  Their interest expenses have declined by nearly 89%.  From 2004 to 2007 Chase paid out $34.4 billion in interest to its depositors.  From 2008 to mid-2012 it paid out $3.4 billion.  That is 31 billion in the bank$ters pockets.

The Foreseeable Consequences

There are 50-60 million Americans on food stamps.  When your pension funds are dried up and your government can no longer pay out YOUR  pension,  guess where all of you old farts will end up?  You will end up on food stamps and government housing in unoccupied prisons and FEMA camps.  Your government will supply you with 3 meals a day and a roof over your head for your 30-50 years of hard work you dedicated your whole life too.

Their goal of making serfs and slaves out of us will be realty. Remember all of the bread lines during the depression?  The same is going on now. The dole lines are in the grocery stores.  The Obama administration has disguised the crisis by giving coupons and debit cards to make people feel they are not part of the depression.  The dole lines are out of sight, out of mind.

So now consider the stock market crashes.  There goes the rest of your pension down the drain.  No one of importance is looking out for your pension investments.  The crooks will act first and bail out with record profits, leaving the small investor and pension investors left out.  Say bye-bye to your pension.  And if by any chance you are receiving any pension payments, the $40 billion the FEDS are printing per month from QE3, infinium, are making your pension payments  close to worthless.

This is not fear mongering; These are the facts, with simple arithmetic. All this is going on behind your back.  So why is everyone  re-electing these criminals and their misleading politics?

The media is guilty of misinformation.  People should shut down the media outlets.  They are not giving you correct information.

If bankers debt can be forgiven as in not having to pay back their bailout money, then why can’t the individuals mortgages be forgiven as well.  At least the money will be re circulated in the economy.

This is a fallacy of theoretical economist and not from actual people who live in society on an everyday economy.  As I have always said, “There are no economy experts around.  If there were experts we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

A Warning to Costa Rica

Watch out.  As far as I know, Presidenta  Laura Chinchilla has borrowed this year $400 million, then an additional $40  billion, and finally  $200 million to relieve CAJA.  And, at what interest rate?  So you wonder why the fees, fines, utilities, and taxes are going up.

Doesn’t  Laura Chinchilla and her advisors  study the world economy? Do her financial advisors listen to the Keiser Report?  Costa Rica is going through a secret austerity mode.  No wonder the Ticos are protesting and rioting.  I have total respect for them.  I have little respect for the “sheeple” in the USA.   They are too dumb to do anything to stop the Banksters epic rip off of themselves.

With these past loans from the Banksters criminals, Laura, can you  account for every colon you borrowed?  Was this really for the good of the people?

Max Keiser produces 3 reports a week for The YouTube videos links below further explain this economic crisis and the banksters part in this fiasco. Check them out:
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