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  • dr meno says:

    I don’t get you fucking people. I put very important and significant videos about awareness of the sheeple, And the only the stupid videos get hits. Example my crushing a cockroach with a sledgehammer get s more views w than my importanrt videos.

  • dr meno says:

    I have always contended that in order to be an Atheist, you have to believe in God. For without the existence God there would be no atheist. In other words, You have to contradict something like a God, then you have to believe it true to be against something. You can still be an Atheist, You just believe in God too. Agnostics, well we just don’t care either way.

    I am not against any religions. Any group that tries to turn man around on a correct and moral path, I am all for them. AND just about Anything that keeps mankind from killing , stealing, screwing his buddies wife, honor proper authority, lie,(that is a big one), etc. AND Well, minus the 1% extreme radicals that give their religion a bad rap.

  • dr meno says:

    Just Blogging some of my quotes.

    “We are going to sanction the United states and corporate America. By stopping the money flow.”

    “We are not going to attack them with physical violence , but we’ll attack corporate America with fiscal placidity. “ dr Meno

    “If you believe that the USA Government is not corrupt, then you might as well believe that Lurcha Libre is real. ” dr Meno

    “Like electricity and water, And most things in nature, they travel the path of least resistance. So does Authority, it travels the path of least resistance. An informed and educated mind is most resistant.” dr Meno

    “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu

    “Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is the only day of the year he acts as himself. The other 364 days man dons his mask.”

    de Meno

    “Why be Trustworthy, No one believes you anyway.” dr Meno

    “Dog’s Best Friend, MAN.” dr Meno

    “We need to quit being the United States and think about becoming the STATES UNITED”. dr Meno.

    “Indebtedness is a form of social control.”

    dr Meno

    “We need to quit learning to live by the rules, and start learning how to live without rules”.

    dr Meno

    “The Fiscal Revolution is the day the earth stood still fiscally.”

    dr Meno

    “Love was meant to be practice between species, not among species”.

    dr Meno

    “The definition of being RICH, is how much indebtedness you can sustain.” de Meno

    “The best financial advice is, Be a Minimalist.” de Meno

    “I am a stock market expert. My advice is , stay away from it.” dr Meno

    The Stock market is set up to have losers. AND that is YOU” dr Meno

    “Mankind is Earth’s cancer”. dr Meno

    “When it comes to justice, The best liar and deceiver wins”. dr Meno

    “Apathy Leads to Entropy”, dr Meno

    “I am not Bad, I was just drawn that way”. Jessica Rabbit.

    “I LOVE MANKIND, IT IS PEOPLE I CAN’T STAND” Linus (ditto for dr Meno.)

    “Why do they have White trash laugh tracks on Black Sit Coms.” dr Meno

    “I CAN WALK ON WATER, I AM a low TIDE JESUS.” dr meno

    “My Favorite Thing to do IS Nothing, because it is Rarely that I have nothing to do.”

    dr Meno

    “Hatred, It is The only Thing that Last.” Henry , the BarFly

    “Thank God for Hypochondriacs” says , The Pharms. (dr Meno)

    “Patriotism can be a fatal habit.” de Meno

    “Patriotism is an attempt to civilize Tribalism, Savagery, ans Barbarism.” dr Meno

    “To be Civilized, is to be anti-human.” dr Meno

  • dr meno says:

    I have been meditating for over 35 years. My mind has become a tautology tool for what is true in our world. I observe the world with blacken perception. Blacken to absolve all that exist. My mind through meditation has become extremely DEFRAGMENTED. Perception is clearer. So when I see, hear, smell, touch, feel things , all is accepted. But there are some things that appear so true of a goose-pimple tingly feeling. You know it is a tautology of truth. I have my own storage, from what was given to me at birth and what has been accumulated through empirical means. This dualism is organized with a fusion. This organizes our lives and guides us. It allows us to b critical of others. This is the understanding of what Plato meant by , “Philosopher Kings”
    I listen to many talk host and news shows. I have develop my opinion, and my own style. So I listen and read who has the same thought patterns with similar conclusions. They confirm what I have already though of. I have always felt this way, but never put it in words.

  • dr meno says:

    I wrote these 12 REASONS ‘NOT TO’ and ‘TO’ bomb Iraq in 2003.
    Looking back , how true was I.

     12    REASONS
              NOT  TO BOMB IRAQ
    12.     Baghdad is such a historical place for mankind as a whole.
    11.     It is the birth of Modern Math.
    10.     The architecture is unique.
    9.      The Curley tip shoes may go out of style.
    Maybe Florsheim shoes will pick up the style.
    8.      It’s the home of Aladdin and Jasmine.
    My kids will be crushed.
    7.      The Gypsy convention is scheduled there this winter.
    It’s like Phoenix, the winters are great.
    6.      What?-  ruin my mirage.
    5.     Your Jennie in the bottle will have nowhere to go on vacation.
    4.     Disneyland will take the flying carpets out of “It’s a Small World¨ Ride.
    Hum the theme
    3.      I’ll miss all those Fosters Freeze roof tops
    2.      We don’t want all the Cobras mutating into a 3 headed, Winged, Quad aped beast, Which feeds on Capitalist.
    Well maybe we do!
     And the number one reason we do not want to bomb Iraq……..

     12    REASONS
    #12.   We will have cheaper Gas and Oil.
    #11.  Unlimited amount of sand to augment the deteriorating San Diego Beaches so Phoenicians can still vacation there.
    See we don’t have to take yours in Arizona.
    #10.  Hollywood will colorized and re-release Donald O’Connor’s movie classic ‘Aladdin’.
    #9.   The Gypsy Conventions can be an annual event in Baghdad.
    #8.  El Central/Yuma can have a sister city in Iraq.
    #7.  White Girls can learn to belly dance.
    #6.  We can finish off killing all the rest of the Iraq’s when we introduce them to our Fast Foods INDUSTRY.
    #5.  Always want to learn how to play a flute, sitting on a bed of nails, erecting my snake,  Uhhh, I mean to have a snake in a basket for a pet.   can you tell we are getting to the good stuff.
    #4.  The Bushes hard on can be satisfied as they masturbate together.
    #3.  IRAQ’I mail order brides.
    2#.  IRAQ’I  PORN WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET.  Did you know that AT&T is the world’s largest distributors of porn?
    #1.  The church will have a HELL ON EARTH to send all of those pedophile priests to ROT.

      12    REASONS
              NOT  TO BOMB IRAQ
    12.     Baghdad is such a historical place for mankind as a whole.
    11.     It is the birth of Modern Math.
    10.     The architecture is unique.
    9.      The Curley tip shoes may go out of style.
    Maybe Florsheim shoes will pick up the style.
    8.      It’s the home of Aladdin and Jasmine.
    My kids will be crushed
    7.      The Gypsy convention is scheduled there this winter.
    It’s like Phoenix, the winters are great.
    6.      What?-  ruin my mirage.
    5.     Your Jennie in the bottle will have nowhere to go on vacation.
    4.     Disneyland will take the flying carpets out of “It’s a Small World¨ Ride.
    Hum the theme
    3.      I’ll miss all those Fosters Freeze roof tops
    2.      We don’t want all the Cobras mutating into a 3 headed, Winged, Quad aped beast, Which feeds on Capitalist.
    Well maybe we do!
     And the number one reason we do not want to bomb Iraq……..
     12    REASONS
    #12.   We will have cheaper Gas and Oil.
    #11.  Unlimited amount of sand to augment the deteriorating San Diego Beaches so Phoenicians can still vacation there.
    See we don’t have to take yours in Arizona.
    #10.  Hollywood will colorized and re-release Donald O’Connor’s movie classic ‘Aladdin’.
    #9.   The Gypsy Conventions can be an annual event in Baghdad.
    #8.  El Central/Yuma can have a sister city in Iraq.
    #7.  White Girls can learn to belly dance.
    #6.  We can finish off killing all the rest of the Iraq’s when we introduce them to our Fast Foods INDUSTRY.
    #5.  Always want to learn how to play a flute, sitting on a bed of nails, erecting my snake,  Uhhh, I mean to have a snake in a basket for a pet.   can you tell we are getting to the good stuff.
    #4.  The bushes hard on can be satisfied as they masturbate together.
    #3.  IRAQ’I mail order brides.
    2#.  IRAQ’I  PORN WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET.  Did you know that AT&T is the world’s largest distributors of porn?
    #1.  The church will have a HELL ON EARTH to send all of those pedophile priests to ROT.

  • dr meno says:

    I have been entertaining the idea that the jews in the 30′s were trying to do the same thing they are doing now, World dominance. Hitler derailed their plans back then. If it wasn’t for Hitler doing what he did, then this mess now, would of occurred back then. The same thing is going on as they were happening back then, Jews taking away people’s farms , houses, cities, etc. YET still no one talks about the native American genocide in the Americas. This has to be the worst demise of humanity.

  • dr meno says:

    if we had a civil war in the USA. Against the US government. Where it is the states united fighting back against the DC crowd of corruption. Whom, may be just a bunch of freedom fighters trying to restore the constitution. Who would be the country or entity that would be funding the freedom fighters? China? Russia? Mexico? Private entities? And if We wanted to take over the banks and revolt, through the fiscal revolution too. Who would be backing us up? And funding us.

  • dr meno says:

    I think that Costa Rica needs to step up and arrest Obama for international war crimes she he visits Costa Rica. There is an outstanding arrest warrant for Obama in 2 international Courts. Costa Rica brags how there are a country espousing peace around the world. They brag about how they don’t have an army. Well do something for the good all people past and present that has been killed and affected with corporate wars. By doing so Costa Rica will be saving lives around the world and would contribute to minimize war activity. Arresting Obama also arrests the military industrial machine that Eisenhower warns us about. This military complex has seriously got out of hand. Costa Rica would be the greatest heroes around the world if they did this. We would have surmountable support in the international community. Just think how much tourism would be increased. How many countries would give us regalos and respect. How our economy would get a kick start. And not to mention the favorable attention we would get. Costa Rica needs to align itself with the South American countries and start breaking the ties with the NATO imperialistic countries. One last parting comment, Costa Rica made a huge mistake be getting in debt with the International European Ban$ters instead of making friends with BRICS.

    Creo que Costa Rica tiene que intensificar y detener a Obama por crímenes de guerra internacionales durante su visita a Costa Rica. Hay una orden de arresto pendiente por Obama en 2 Tribunales internacionales. Costa Rica se jacta de cómo hay un país que se defiendan la paz en todo el mundo. Se jactan de lo que no tienen un ejército. Bueno, hacer algo por el bien a todas las personas el pasado y el presente que ha sido matado y afectados por las guerras corporativas. De esta manera Costa Rica será el ahorro de vidas en todo el mundo y contribuiría a minimizar la actividad de guerra. Arrestar Obama también detiene la máquina militar industrial que Eisenhower nos advierte. Este complejo militar tiene seriamente de la mano. Costa Rica serían los héroes más grandes de todo el mundo si lo hicieron. Nos gustaría contar con el apoyo superables en la comunidad internacional. Imagínate cuánto se incrementaría el turismo. ¿Cuántos países nos daría Regalos y respeto. Como nuestra economía tendría un puntapié inicial. Y por no hablar de la atención favorable que se pueden conseguir. Costa Rica tiene que alinearse con los países de Sudamérica y empezar a romper los lazos con los países imperialistas de la NATO. Un último comentario de despedida, Costa Rica cometió un gran error al obtener en deuda con los Bansters europeas internacionales en lugar de hacer amigos con los BRICS.

  • dr meno says:

    The USA has called returning Veterans Terrorist and have a list for them. The bomb in Boston the bomb is going to be a IUD type devise that a Veteran would be familiar with.

    Also all of Obama’s secret executive orders now are in effect. HE IS THE DICTATOR NOW. A self proclaimed dictator. All land, food transportation, etc is now in his possession.

  • dr meno says:

    I have a birthday coming. This is when I realize the mind body dualism. After meditating for over 30 years, My mind has stayed the same but I feel my body aging. A separation of 2 realities. Hence the reality of the mind existence. The I think , therefore I am . Encased in an aging structure.

  • Anyone that is aware of attorneys or real estate agents participating in land fraud, international mail and wire fraud, or racketeering please report their activity to our Costa Rica Fraud Reporter site at http://www.csi-8.com/costa-rica-fruad-reporter/

    Thank you!

  • dr meno says:

    Obama will visiting Cost aRica on MAy 3 & 4. This is a great opportunity to put that bastard criminal in jail. There is an outstanding arrest warrant in the International Criminal Court for war crimes. On the level worst than Hitler did in WW2. Step up Costa Rica and arrest him.

  • dr Meno says:

    Tax rebel who used bonds
    to pay IRS found guilty

    Special to A.M. Costa Rica
    3-26-2013, http://www.amcostarica.com

    A federal jury in Montgomery, Alabama, has found James Timothy Turner, also known as Tim Turner, guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States, attempting to pay taxes with fictitious financial instruments, attempting to obstruct and impede the Internal Revenue Service, failing to file a 2009 federal income tax return and falsely testifying under oath in a bankruptcy proceeding, the Justice Department said.

    Based on the evidence introduced at trial and court filings, Turner, the self-proclaimed president of the so-called sovereign citizen group Republic for the United States of America, traveled the country in 2008 and 2009 conducting seminars teaching attendees how to defraud the IRS by preparing and submitting fictitious bonds to the United States government in payment of federal taxes. Although the evidence at trial revealed the bonds are fictitious and worthless, witnesses testified that Turner used special paper, financial terminology and elaborate borders in an effort to make them look real and more likely to succeed in defrauding the recipient. Turner was convicted of sending a $300 million bond in his own name and of aiding and abetting others in sending fifteen other “bonds” to the Treasury Department to pay taxes and other debts.

    The evidence at trial also established that Turner taught people how to file retaliatory liens against government officials who interfered with the processing of fictitious bonds. Turner filed a purported $17.6 billion maritime lien in Montgomery County, Alabama, Probate Court against another individual. Finally, evidence presented at trial demonstrated that the FBI began an investigation after Turner and three other individuals sent demands to all 50 governors in the United States in March 2010 ordering each governor to resign within three days or be removed.

    “The jury’s verdict in this case sends a message that defrauding the government and others through the use of bogus financial documents will not be tolerated,” said Assistant Attorney General Kathryn Keneally. “Disagreement with the law is no excuse for the real harm caused by these self-interested tax defiers.”

    “These sovereign citizen groups use these retaliatory tax liens and fraudulent tax schemes as weapons against the United States and its citizens,” said acting U.S. Attorney Sandra J. Stewart. “It is only the hard work of law enforcement that can stop these criminals from using these financial weapons.”

    Turner remains in federal custody pending sentencing. Turner faces a potential maximum prison term of 164 years, a maximum potential fine of $2,350,000 and mandatory restitution.

    Interesting article. BUT don’t anyone else see the irony Federal Reserve note a false financial instrument? Is it not worthless fait currency? Isn’t printing over 85 billions insulting and devaluing the dollar a criminal act? Should Bernanke and Timothy Geithner, go to jail along with the other criminal Bank$ters. Are they Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail. It is time for the bank run. Put the criminal banks on a permanent vacation, before they take a BANK HoLIDAY. Sucking out your retirement funds and savings. Don’t believe me? Just ask any one from Greece or Ctprus.

    Attached is a charts on the bank takeovers the past decade. The winners at the right are the bank$ters.

  • Steve says:

    The Corporate Bank$ters take over in Europe , is like the take over of Alcoholism in the body. It slowly make you dependent of a highly addictive lifestyle. Meaning banks, loans, credit, having fun spending money, Enjoying Consumerism.

  • dr Meno says:

    12 ways you know you have been acclimated in CR or have been here too long. or when your 90 days are up and the
    “Get the hell out of our country and don’t come back until you bring more money”, time has come.
    You sub conscience catch your self doing one or many of these things.

    12. Bringing your arm up to whip your forehead then realizing you are not sweating.

    11. Saying Gracias in public.

    10. The instinctive scratching.

    9. Driving like a taxi driver double parking, etc.

    8. Waiting at a bridge crossing for other cars to pass.

    7. Driving too slow because you think the speedometer in kilometers.

    6. Not using hot water in the shower.

    5. Taking off your shoes before entering a building.

    4. Shaking your shoes out before you put them on.

    3. Getting up at night to go to the bathroom or a snack in the refrigerator, and keeping an eye our for bugs scorpions, and snakes.

    2. Shaking out your closes before you put them on in the morning.

    1. Trowing your TP in the waste basket instead of the toilet.

    do 1. you are still a gringo. Stay home. And listen to dr. Meno on RPS and join the fiscal revolution.
    do 2-4 You still haven’t defragmented yet. You need to follow dr. Meno’s MeD’s
    do 5-7 It is safe to plan another trip here. Bring a friend to validate your involuntary glitches.
    do 8-9 It is OK now to find a Tica girlfriend or wife.
    do 10 or more, come on back, you’ll survive just great here. And Listen to dr Meno on RPS for more survival tips in CR.

  • dr Meno says:

    If you took a group of pyramids, and align the soltices, equalnoxs to the tips of the pyramids and where all vectors intersect, What would be there at that point?

  • dr Meno says:

    Just testing the new challenge spam filter. I never liked the scrambled letters gig. So this new one is unique.

  • jonamq says:

    I seemed to have discovered good music all the way from costa rica

  • Steve says:


  • dr Meno says:

    dr Meno’s Mad Mad World

    The Demise of our Economy.  The Bank$ters Ultimate Scam of Looting and Thievery
    This article is a summation of 2 Max Keiser Reports on RT.com .  Max and
    Stacy expose the criminal activity of the Bank$ters.  They reveal how
    Bernanke’s 0% interest has drained the funds from retirement funds and
    investments.  Bernanke’s involvement is the result of government
    interference in trying to save the economy?
    Here are some facts and figures on how this financial fiasco takes place.   
    The ZIRP, (zero percent interest rate principle) has cost the consumer and saver $371 billion in
    spending potential and 3.5 million jobs.  It is this situation that will
    hamper recovery of the economy.   The role of the consumer is to spend, BUT if you take away $371 billion of potential cash flow out of circulation, the economy will never recover.
    People with savings can earn huge interest and go out and spend that money or pay off debt.  Instead they are incurring more debt in a negative
    Interest scam against savers.  There are 6 countries in Europe that have a negative interest rate. And who are these savers:  yourselves, your
    neighbors, all pension funds, 401Ks, IRA’s etc.  Also, savings provides the
    capital to make investments.
    The  Global Bank$ters offer 0% interest to other banks, but loan out money at a higher rate of interest to governments and bailouts.  They do this
    intentionally knowing  that they cannot pay back the loan which then allows
    them to repossess the property on which the loan was made.  Greece is good example of this scam.  Soon other countries will follow.  Italy, Spain, USA.
    ZIRP translates to money with no value.  Money needs to have an
    interest rate to give it value.  Otherwise it is worthless.  Interestingly,
    retirement investments are not earning interest and are becoming of less and less value and in some cases worthless.   The pension funds are being drained by payout of earned pensions. Max explains this further in his videos.   The banking system has forced everyone to use banks to carry out their daily living.  
    What we are experiencing is the de capitalization of the West.  This is how
    one bleeds a turnip.  The Ban$ters are sucking the very life of the economy out of us poor slobs.

    Austerity and growth are not compatible.
    Between 2005 and 2007, banks held about 6.97 trillion in bank deposits of
    customers interest  bearing accounts.   During the past 2 quarters they held
    an average of $7.31 trillion.  During that first period when fed rates were
    an average of  4.5%, banks paid their customers an average of $39.6 billion of interest per quarter.  Now with ZIRP, the banks pay an average of $8.9 billion in interest per quarter, or nearly 77% less interest paid out.  
    $30.7 billion less paid outs per quarter or $133 billion per year.  This
    translates to pure profit for the Bank$ters.  This is called wealth
    distribution to the 1% of the 1%.  The Bank$ters have siphoned off that much
    money from circulating  in the economy.    Since ZIRP in 2008, Bank$ters
    saved almost $486 billion in interest payments.  On top of that, the
    average salary and atta boy compensation increased by approximately 23%.  At the same time dividend payments declined by 14.05%.  ”This is not re distribution of wealth, it is purely looting and stealing,”  according to
    Max Keiser.   This is a racket.  An example of this is JPMorgan/Chase whose deposits have disproportionately  increased by 46% since 2007.  Their interest expenses have declined by nearly 89%.  From 2004 to 2007 Chase paid out $34.4 billion in interest to its depositors.  From 2008 to mid-2012 it paid out $3.4 billion.  That is 31 billion in the bank$ters pockets.
    The Foreseeable Consequences
    There are 50-60 million Americans on food stamps.  When your pension funds are dried up and your government can no longer pay out YOUR  pension,  guess where all of you old farts will end up?  You will end up on food stamps and government housing in unoccupied prisons and FEMA camps.  Your government will supply you with 3 meals a day and a roof over your head for your 30-50 years of hard work you dedicated your whole life too.  
    Their goal of making serfs and slaves out of us will be realty.  Remember
    all of the bread lines during the depression?  The same is going on now.
    The dole lines are in the grocery stores.  The Obama administration has
    disguised the crisis by giving coupons and debit cards to make people feel
    they are not part of the depression.  The dole lines are out of sight, out
    of mind.  
    So now consider the stock market crashes.  There goes the rest of your
    pension down the drain.  No one of importance is looking out for your
    pension investments.  The crooks will act first and bail out with record
    profits, leaving the small investor and pension investors left out.  Say bye
    bye to your pension.  And if by any chance you are receiving any pension
    payments, the $40 billion the FEDS are printing per month from QE3,
    infinitum, are making your pension payments  close to worthless.  
    This is not fear mongering, These are the facts, with simple arithmetic.
    All this is going on behind your back.  So why is everyone   re-electing
    these criminals and their misleading politics? 
    The media is guilty of mis-information.  People should shut down the media
    outlets.  They are not giving you correct information.
    If bankers debt can be forgiven as in not having to pay back their bailout
    money, then why can’t the individuals mortgages be forgiven as well.  At least the money will be re circulated in the economy.  
    This is a fallacy of theoretical economist and not from actual people who
    live in society on an everyday economy.  As I have always said, “There are
    no economy experts around.  If there were experts we wouldn’t be in this mess.”
    A Warning to Costa Rica. 
    Watch out.  As far as I know Presidenta  Laura Chinchilla has borrowed
    this year $400 million, then an additional $40  billion, and finally  $200
    million to relieve CAJA.  And, at what interest rate?  So you wonder why the
    fees, fines, utilities, and taxes are going up.  Doesn’t  Laura Chinchilla
    and her advisors  study the world economy?  Do her financial advisors listen
    to the Keiser Report?  Costa Rica is going through a secret austerity mode.
    No wonder the Ticos are protesting and rioting.  I have total respect for
    them.  I have little respect for the “sheeple” in the USA.   They are too
    dumb to do anything to stop the Bank$ters epic rip off of themselves.  With
    these past loans from the Bank$ters criminals, Laura, can you  account for
    every colon you borrowed?  Was this really for the good of the people?
    Max Keiser does 3 reports a week for RT.com
    The 2 YouTube videos links below further explain this economic crisis.

    • Steve says:

      Now why do you think that AM Costa Rica and Inside Costa Rica WOULD NOT run this article? Please feedback me on this.

  • Chris Winters says:

    I definitely liked this article. I assume your content is actually really great. :-) However I noticed the write-up title a little dull! I believe you truly are able to strengthen on the title by referencing exactly how the top bloggers execute it. This’s a shame that you don’t receive sufficient visibility merely due to your blog post titles. Also, why are there countless spammers over here commenting here?

    • Steve says:

      I am kind of new to the blogger scene. I should put more attention to the titles to get search engines to pick them up. Yes, spammers are cyber cancer. I didn’t think they would infect bloggers. Skype is awful about spammers too. YES it is a shame that I don’t receive more attention to wake up the sheeple. That is the main objective for the radio station.

  • Logan says:

    I dont know what to say. This weblog is amazing. Thats not genuinely a genuinely massive statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so considerably about this subject. So considerably to ensure that you created me need to discover far more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

  • Anonymous says:

    This video post is actually great, the noise quality and the picture quality of this tape post is genuinely amazing.

  • dr meno says:

    Anti-Gringo discrimination is rampant in Costa Rica. Fiscal Profiling is the moda.

    I am really fed up with the discrimination here against Gringos in Costa Rica. Most Ticos really hate us here. Discrimination is as rampant in Costa Rica as it is anywhere in the world.  The Gringos are at the bottom of the list.  Below the Nicas and even below the Caribis. 

    Yes now I hear the gasping of the readers.  Such a tabu subject to be spoken in public.  It is as a secret as the everyday talk in the living rooms of most households in Costa Rica.  Just as it is very true in most houses in the U.S.A.  Now that my Spanish is getting better I hear the comments from the Ticos. 

    There is a real RACIAL PROFILING going on here on a daily basis.  From the police, restaurants, pulperias, and the attitudes of MOST Ticos.  YES, MOST TICOS!!! THIS IS A SOCIAL FACT. My Tico friends actually admit this fact. One aspect of the racial profiling is the idea that all Gringos are filthy rich and don’t need their money. This is a form of FISCAL PROFILING. It is OK to steal from them.  I worked very hard for 35 years in the USA for 10 to 12 hours a day to get what I manage to keep, after taxes and other scam artist in the U.S.A.

    And my experiences in their court systems.  There is no justice for a Gringo in the court system here. I have been a domestic violence victim in family court.  Fiscales, and penal courts hear from false denuncias. In most cases, you have no chance of winning.  It is very hard to find a Tico to be your witness.  And they do not like to talk bad against other Ticos. And there is a stigma if a Tico helps a Gringo. They are ridiculed among the pueblos. I won’t even go into on how the lawyers take your money without any intention to carry out their services.  My Tico friends actually confirm that the condition really exists.

    I hear and see it at the colegio with my own kids.  There, too, are the talk, harassment, and even fights stemming from the  bias and discrimination.  It has been tough for my kids being the only white Gringos in the whole colegio.  AND I wanted to build my kids some character? I tell them now, “You know how Chris felt in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’?”.  I saw it, too, as a young boy in a predominately black and hispanic middle school.

    I also understand that discrimination is a natural human behavioral phenomenon.  It has been evident throughout human history.   It is more prevalent with the ignorant.
    Steve Meno

  • dr meno says:

    Who the heck is The MITRE Corporation. Does anyone have info on them? From what I can tell they are subcontractors for the Homeland Security, and the IRS. Why do you think they are my most logged on hours of listeners. Listening and logged in all night, and hours when We are not broadcasting. Anyone has other information with this company. They are out of Bedford Mass.,
    202 Burlington Road
    Bedford, MA 01730-1420
    (781) 271-2000

    and McLean Va.
    7515 Colshire Drive
    McLean, VA 22102-7539
    (703) 983-6000

  • jacket says:

    This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this.

  • Marjory says:

    Your post, Blog | Radio Pacifico Sur 1480 AM, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

  • It is truly a great and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Steve says:

    Wells Fargo announces they had lost over 40 billions dollars from the Storm Sandy due to lost activity. Damn you sheeple, this proves that the Ficsal Revolution will work. If we boycott the banks and have a bank run, we can put them all under to bankruptcy.,. They all deserve to go under for screwing all of us out of our funds.

  • dr meno says:

    dr. Meno’s MAD, MAD World
    The first issue of this new column is for the purpose of catching you up on some recent events that may have purposely slipped through the mainline media. Each week I will present to you some news from around the world , news you may not have heard of. I bring you this along with some of my personal commentary and input.
    So, if you want to be brought up to date with the really important issues that face us as citizens of the world, read our weekly updates and the latest and mostly untold news.
    This week I will address two items: First, I offer a tribute and some news on a very famous and amazing American, Russell Means. Second, I ask, “Will hurricane Sandy disrupt the upcoming presidential election?
    Who was Russell Means? Russell Means died last week, October 22, 2012. I feel so very compelled to give him a tribute and introduce you to this great man, a real American and a true political hero. Russell was an actor, politician (vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party), writer, philosopher, artist, and Wounded Knee activist, among his many other accomplishments. This famous hero was a great American philosopher, equal to Thomas Jefferson, and Henry David Thoreau, among others. His political understanding and foresight is on par to and possibly even more provocative than many other alternative media soothe sayers on the destructive path and destination of America.
    In the following video I am share with you today, Russell Means describes the plight of native Americans and how , in reality, today’s American citizens are on a parallel course to yesterday’s Indians. The “sheeple” of America are being set up and treated as the invading white man treated the Indians. Taking off our blinders, we can see it is equal to how the NWO is treating the current citizens of the USA. He says, the “Sheeple” are destined to end up like the Indian, in Fema camps, much akin to the federally owned Indian reservations.
    If you want to know the origins of the US Constitution, watch this video. Means suggest the US Constitution is predicated on Lakota Indian laws. Unlike the Indian, the mixture of settlers from many countries never developed a culture. These colonists were multicultural and in many cases left their culture behind. According to Means, culture is how a society survives. For this reason the USA and it’s “Sheeple” may be doomed.
    You may cry a tear when you watch all of this video. Remember the commercial where the Indian chief has a tear running down his cheek as he looks out across the wide expanse of former prairie, now a city masked with pollution.
    Don’t stop at this one video. Watch others about Russell Means. Google this amazing philosopher or search on YouTube.

    Now for the weather report on hurricane Sandy.
    Frankenstorm hurricane Sandy is shown on “Beforeitsnews” to be manipulated by HAARP and is suggested to disrupt the presidential election next week?
    Will Sandy create incredible devastation as a “natural” disaster such that Obama will be “forced” to postpone the elections? Is this the October surprise we have been waiting for? If many voters have no power or are flooded out, if transportation is disrupted or halted, if people are forced to evacuate, then yes, he can and will. Along with that, he can enact martial law, activate FEMA camps and abolish all constitutional civil rights. Is this the October surprise, the real tricks and treats we can expect for Halloween?


    The Bush / Blair war crimes.
    Did you know that an International court has found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes on the same level as Hitler?
    Bush, Blair were found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes. Look up Malaysia tribunal Press TV
    Russia Today Reports here.

    Did you know Obama was up for impeachment? How can this be when he is running for reelection?. Obama impeachment video.

    Did you know there was a third party debate? This was moderated by Larry King!
    US Third Party Presidential Debate (Moderated by Larry King)
    DEBATE STARTS AT 1:02:55
    There is probably no perfect place to live, to survive. I am exposing these events to wake people up. I live in Costa Rica and am doing what I can to reveal and share the truth. I, dr. Meno say, “Get out while you still can. Don’t wait.” Costa Rica is not perfect, but it is sure better!
    Next week , dr. Meno’s MAD, MAD World News will cover:
    The FEMA Concentration camps
    Martial law

  • Gray says:

    Corruption is the compromise of principles in order, usually for personal gain. As such, it is correct to refer to the selfish acts of individuals that deviate from loftier goals of the government as corrupton, and it is correct to refer to the selfish acts of Costa Rican governmental officials as corrupt. Of course, a government that does not espouse high goals can, by definition, not be corrupt, so the most corrupt officials are not necessarily those who take the most for themselves, but those who take despite espousing high principles that they themselves violate. Despite these facts, I cannot see how you can possibly characterize Costa Rican government as the most corrupt in the world. That honor would appear to apply to the United States of America. What country espouses loftier goals or fails so miserably in achieving those goals than the USA? In what country do the elected representatives off its government pay lip service to one set of goals while acting on another? What government is comprised of more legal representatives who employ one agenda to lure voters while employing another to further a secret agenda than the government of the USA?

    While I detest what the Tea party has done to cripple US politics, I must say that I respect the fact that they are uncompromising in their “mission” to vote as promised, although their claims of “mandates” when many were elected on slim majorities of the small fraction of people who bothered to vote are seriously flawed, and their claims of representing the common people, rather than the ultra wealthy whose interests they actually represent, are completely bogus. Of course, in US politics, corruption is more politely referred to as “compromise.” Now, I am not saying that all compromise is bad – it is essential in getting most things done in an environment where laws must be enacted and there are opposing groups who are attempting to enact them. It is when one compromises his own core ethics or morals that compromise rises to the level of corruption. In US political life, there is none who isolates himself from the influences of power for very long, none who won’t agree to a vote on one bill for the vote of another on a pet bill. Compromise begets compromise until most of the freshman morals are eventually corrupted – Mr. Smith wises up fast after arriving in Washington or is quickly replaced by the party – look at what the GOP is doing now to those who do not vote with the party loyal.

    Technically, what we call “democratic” government, actually representative government, requires compromise and is, by definition, “corrupt” to an extent. If I were to point a finger at a government that were to be considered “the most corrupt”, I would look no farther than government that we consider (by our definition) the “most democratic”. That government, for me, would be the USA. The difference between a government like that in Costa Rica and the US is that in the US the corruption has been made acceptable as part of the cost of doing business and incorporated systematically into governmental procedures. Here, we have the more obvious form of commerce, the exchange of money for services. In the US, the cash changes hands via PACs, through party election committees and by lobbyists before presenting as free vacations and other gifts for politicians. Here, the corrupt governmental official knows when he has sold out – he knows that he is corrupt. In the US, the system has become so refined that the official may believe that he is serving the public when he is serving himself better. Somehow, here it seems more honest.

  • Donna AngelStar says:

    Give a Wink and a “Houston, it’s a go” to Neil Armstrong on the moon tonight.

  • Donna AngelStar says:

    This is the web site I saw last week before the site crashed. This is nice. Now, can’t pick up on shoutcast, again. Go figure.
    As Radner always said “Its always something.”
    Just read an article on suicides in Spain rise during economic despair. I don’t think the PIIGS are havng such a hot time with how the ECB, IMG, and the EC are implementing austerity. The Banksters are dangerously insane. Iceland had it right.


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