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The English Language Will be Banned and Unspoken World Wide.

The English Language Will be Banned and Unspoken  World Wide.

My prediction in the distant future that the English language will be stricken from all media sources and banned to speak it.  Just as the Egyptian pharaoh  did to the mention of Moses.


Medley of American Atrocities. You OUGHT To Be Ashamed to be American.

Beyond Fascism, IS, the New World Order. Now Dominating Globally.

Beyond Fascism, IS, the New World Order. Now Dominating Globally.

So you may ask, what is beyond Fascism.  It is the New World Order.  Yes Modern day Fascism is synonymous to who is in control of  the New World Order.  Fascism has evolved to the control of the NWO.

NASA’s Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth

The giant marques, with brilliant neon displays,  announced the  featured movies.  They illuminated the street with  a touch of Broadway.  We anxiously waited for Thursday  mornings to see the new movies coming for the week.

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THC and Candida act Similar in Your Body. Junk Food Companies Intentionally Put it in Foods.

THC and Candida act Similar in Your Body.  Junk Food Companies Intentionally Put it in Foods.


This video is about how THC and Candida function similarly in our bodies. By giving us very true messages of hunger for junk foods.
Also on my belief of how the Food manufactures and junk food producers intentionally put candida in our foods. REMIND YOU ALL THIS IS JUST A THEORY BASE ON NO SCIENTIFIC , HAA HA, EVIDENCE.

The Confederate Flag Displayed in Atlanta Courtrooms. Matlock.

Matlock.  The Confederate Flag Displayed in Atlanta Courtrooms.

The confederate flag always waves proudly in the Fulton County, Atlanta, GA.,  courtrooms.  As seen in the Matlock  TV series.
Always right behind the witness is the banner of rebels.  A little tongue in cheek report.  Too much attention has been made on the displaying of the Confederate flag in public places.  So I put together this short theme of how the Confederate flag has always been a part of the MATLOCK TV series in the nineties.
Now will Youtube ban all Matlock shows?
Will more people ignore the killing and corporate takeover going on around the world?
Are they coming for your guns?  Your gold?
Will Caitlyn Jenner make a dress and don the Confederate Flag?
These never ending top stories I care not to know.
Most of these screen shots were from the 5th season.

A few from season 6.

Vivid Childhood Reflections, the Cuban Missile Crisis. Share your Memories in the Comments.

Share your memories  in the comments.
dr Meno reflects on his childhood trauma during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.
He remembers the drop drills routinely done in grammar school.
The air raid sirens going off every Friday at 10 am.
The massive panic buying at Fedco Stores in the San Fernando Valley.
The location of the air raid siren in his neighborhood.
The family prep for the exodus escape from Smell A.
The news reports.
The fear in the general public.
The “B”movie by Ray Milland, Panic in Year Zero.
The Twilight Zone episode, The Shelter.
Panic In The Year Zero (1962) American Nuclear Holocaust [full movie]!
Music score, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Two Tribes, Annihilation Remix.
Two Tribes Annihilation Remix With Nuclear Themed Gallery.
13 days pt 2
13 days pt 1
Cuban Missile Crisis: DEFCON 2

Depopulation, 5 Ways Eliminate 87% of USA. Nukes, CME, EMP, Bio, FEMA

Depopulation, 5 Methods  that can Eliminate 87% of the USA population. As described on the website  Their 10 year projection.  Deagel is a  private contractor that assimilates data from a variety of government agencies and departments.

The full interview, Alex Jones and George Norry June 15, 2015
George Noory: America Vulnerable To EMP Attack

Nukes, CME’s, EMP, Bio, FEMA

CME’s,   corona mass explosion/ejections
EMP’s,    electro magnetic pulse, TV series Revolution
BIO attack, killer virus outbreak, poisoning water or air.
By nukes, as predicted in TV series  Jericho
FEMA camps gas chambers  or for food source as in
Soylent Green on Pirate Bay

AND of course don’t forget the results of a  total economic collapse.
And the honorable mention, Starvation.  This will be prevalent in all cases above.

Twilight Zone, The Shelter, S03-E03,  Aired  Sept., 29th, 1961.

This episode  is available on Netflix.

American Apocalypse, Coming Soon. As Warned by Jericho and Revolution, TV Series.

Proof Depopulation Agenda, Causalities of WW3. BRICS Win, NATO Looses




USA will go  from 319 million down to 65 million in the next 10 years.  A 87% population drop.  I compare the depopulation of the NATO countries.  They will experience  a 30-66% population elimination.  Now look at the BRICS countries.  Their populations drop very little to actual increases.

Deagel is a Private Military contractor that collect information from all of the military services and including Stratfor, a Geopolitical Forecasting company.  Accessing the site has been limited to certain geographical areas.  Banned in the USA.  The country with the largest depopulation data.
NOW remember these are projections for the next 10 years.
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Eugenics, Start With The 1%. Nuke G7, Bilderberg, Solve All Problems

Eugenics, Ought to Start With The 1%, Nuke G7 & Bilderberg,

Solve All Problems

I take it back, NUKE those bastards and COBRA,   the  Elite security martial law  firm providing security.  Cobra is an anti-terrorist group that is also involved in FALSE FLAG events.  Formed after the ’78 Olympics terror attack.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling for any acts of violence. BUT if you want to solve all of the world’s problems then we need to start the eugenics program with the upper1%, at an expedited priority. So where would be a better place to do it that the G7 and Bilderberg summits.
IF,IF,IF we would of participated in the Fiscal Revolution, We would of chocked off the Elitist Multinational corporations of their lively hood and brought them to their knees.  BUT NOOOOooo.  So now we need to take more drastic actions.

G7 will spend over 144 million on security
Bilderberg will spend over 360 million on security.

Eugenics, Start With The 1%. Nuke G7, Bilderberg, Solve All Problems , cont.

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Caitlyn Jenner Psych Ops Michelle’s Obama’s Revelation Coming Soon. Joan Rivers Murdered as Whistle blower

Caitlyn Jenner was Psych Ops for Michelle’s Obama’s Revelation Coming Out Soon.
Joan Rivers Murdered as a Whistle blower.

One of the years best posted Conspiracy Theories.

If you agree, please like  the story and share.  Lets have some fun with this.

I don’t have nothing against gay people.  As long as they don’t infringe on my personal belief and life style.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that).  Sometimes they can be as obnoxious as a door knocking Watch Tower missionary on a Saturday afternoon.    But lately in the past 2 decades there has been a push to espouse the gay community.  I got so tired  of all of the sitcoms and dramas to include some gay scenario aspect to the show.  Subliminal suggestions of acceptance, has been planting the seed in your mind.  As long as Obama has been cultured to be president, so has they have been prepping us for the grand unveiling.  Can you imagine how the Elitist are laughing at us.  How stupid we are all.  What a big slap in the face to top off the losing of our country.  Are they that bored and satanic?  My theory as stated in other videos, that the Illuminati move will take place soon, because these old farts are going to be dying off soon.  They want to see the fruits of their scams come to a conclusion.  World dominance.  And Bye Bye USA.

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