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dr meno waxes his views on religion

Bible is Bias. Jesus Christ was a Hoax. He Didn’t Even Know the Earth was Round.

Bible is Bias. Jesus Christ was a Hoax. He Didn’t Even Know the Earth was Round.

dr Meno discusses the Bias of the Bible.  Also talks about the hoax that Jesus Christ could  be the son of god.  He didn’t know the world was round.  He didn’t know we orbited around the sun.  He didn’t have a clue that  the other parts of the world and it’s inhabitants even existed.
God still can not get it right.  Why does he keep putting women’s souls in men bodies.  And visa versa.  Why does he put men’s souls in a woman body.  Is this an honest mistake? No, then he wouldn’t be GOD.

God & Religion

God and Religion is Ineffective.

dr Meno’s philosophy on religion and how the concept of God and Religion has been ineffective for  over 5000 years.  It has not been effective in turning mankind around to be  better persons. In addition,  Ineffective  to make societies function harmoniously.  Are we suppose t give religion another 5000 years to work?

Moses tried to turn around the Jews 5000 years ago.  Creating the Ten Commandments.  It has done no good, while mankind has drifted further from these rules to live by.
“Love is a concept meant  to be practiced between species, not among species.” dr Meno
And another quote of the week,  “WE NEED TO QUIT LEARNING TO LIVE BY THE RULES AND LEARN TO LIVE WITHOUT RULES.” dr Meno.  To be responsible on our own accord.

On Atheism

atheistAtheism Requires God

I have always contended that in order to be an Atheist, you have to believe in God. For without the existence God there would be no atheism. In other words, you have to contradict something like a God, then you have to believe it true to be against something. You can still be an Atheist, you just believe in God too.  Agnostics, well we just don’t care either way. Continue reading