The Fiscal Revolution


What the h… Fiscal Revolution?

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The Fiscal Revolution is a protest with an ideal goal to take control of the money flow in the United States and around the world.   Its purpose is to bankrupt the  government and the banks, corporate America, and Multinational Banks.  Stop the money from getting into their possession.  Don’t contribute to consumerism and capitalism.

If you think you are going to have a hard time letting go, then you are addicted to consumerism.  IT IS A DISEASE.  Because cut your self off and you will have mental and physical withdrawals.  Be aware of Marketing Myosis, a consumer disease.

This fiscal revolution is a protest against corporate bastardization, corrupt government, military aggression, and the Illuminati.

We need to take control of the money flow and not wait for the corporate elite and the banks to totally crash the economy.  LET US crash the economy when we have control to do it.

WORK is a bad four letter word.  What we need is to work less and have more creative time.

Remember,  indebtedness is a form of social control.  Our government says we need more jobs.  That is for them to have an  income receiving taxes to support their corruption.

Occupy Wall Street was the wrong approach. The powers that be are just laughing at them.   We need to not participate in society.

Tired of It All?  Take a Stand!

This fiscal revolution protest is for everyone who has been taken advantage of, been Nickeled and Dimed to death.  Who were abused or received an unjust ticket, who has been mistreated by authority.  Who has been scammed.  Who had an extra charge on an invoice but wasn’t worth fighting and waiting on the phone for 20 mins to save a dollar.  Our time isn’t worth that .  AND they know that.  Imagine just one dollar $1 over millions of customers… makes for a rich corp.

Take your money out of the conventional banks.  Use Credit unions.  Just put enough money into account to pay your necessary dues.  Deposit  the money in and use it the same day.

Default on your credit cards debt, loans , car loans, etc.  Let them repossess your stuff you don’t really need but you bought through brainwashing.  They can not legally repossess your stuff because there was false money supplying the loans.  The money didn’t exist.

Watch the Zeitgeist Movie about the Minnesota man who beat the banks from repossession of his house. The banks have sold off your loan so many times, no one knows who actually owns the title to your house.

Who cares about your credit?  YOU NEVER WANT CREDIT AGAIN.

Don’t drive anywhere and use gas. Car pool to go shopping and pay  off what bills you have left.

Keep your kids home from school.   This will cut out funding from attendance. Stop the early childhood brainwashing.  They are only teaching our kids on how to pass state mandate testing.  They don’t teach our kids to think.

Don’t go to work.  Quit the second income earner in the house.  By doing this it  will contribute less to fed and state income taxes and FICA.  We will bankrupt these account, which are already are.

Let your pool boy, landscaper, housekeeper, babysitter go.  YOU DO IT!!  The job you quit can be dedicated to these chores. You’ll net higher.  Quit your health club membership.  Mow your lawn with excitement.  Clean your pool with enthusiasm.  Clean your house with a dance and rhythm in your step.

Stock up on rice and beans.  The diet of most people around the world.  These dry goods store well for a long time.

Plant gardens, raise pigs and chickens.  Stock up on dry goods.  Loose weight.

Consolidate families into the same housing.

Make your towns and cities ghost towns.

Quit using drugs and alcohol.  Make your own tax free beer, wine and grow your own marijuana.

Don’t use electricity, hot water, phones, or gas.  Use candles, conserve water, wear jackets and use blankets.  Have the family sleep in one room and keep that room comfortable.

Reintroduce your self to your kids.  Do more free, family fun stuff.

Reintroduce yourself to your neighbors.

Stay home, be bored, and do nothing.

Get a weapon and arm your family.  Learn self defense.  Learn to meditate.  Exercise.  Make it a family project to beat boredom.

Begin Your Own Fiscal Revolution

This is just an overview of what the fiscal revolution should/could be. Additionally, we are protesting: the Iraqi war, high gas prices and record oil profits, gouging utility companies, insurance premiums, the fleecing of America, dishonest politicians, the bickering of the Republicans and Democrats, pollution and environmental degradations, corporate bastardization, and for any general injustice going on in America that you feel fit to protest.

You may find your own personal issues to protest about. Parades, violence, demonstrations historically don’t work, but this will work: participating in a FISCAL REVOLUTION…it can make an impact!

Want more on the Fiscal Revolution?  Click here to watch my video on this very subject:

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