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The first issue of this new column is for the purpose of catching you up on some recent events that may have purposely slipped through the mainline media. Each week I will present to you some news from around the world , news you may not have heard of. I bring you this along with some of my personal commentary and input.
So, if you want to be brought up to date with the really important issues that face us as citizens of the world, read our weekly updates and the latest and mostly untold news.
This week I will address two items: First, I offer a tribute and some news on a very famous and amazing American, Russell Means. Second, I ask, “Will hurricane Sandy disrupt the upcoming presidential election?

Who was Russell Means?

Russell Means died last week, October 22, 2012. I feel so very compelled to give him a tribute and introduce you to this great man, a real American and a true political hero. Russell was an actor, politician (vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party), writer, philosopher, artist, and Wounded Knee activist, among his many other accomplishments. This famous hero was a great American philosopher, equal to Thomas Jefferson, and Henry David Thoreau, among others. His political understanding and foresight is on par to and possibly even more provocative than many other alternative media soothe sayers on the destructive path and destination of America.
In the following videos I am sharing with you today, Russell Means describes the plight of native Americans and how , in reality, today’s American citizens are on a parallel course to yesterday’s Indians. The “sheeple” of America are being set up and treated as the invading white man treated the Indians.

Taking off our blinders, we can see it is equal to how the NWO is treating the current citizens of the USA. He says, the “Sheeple” are destined to end up like the Indian, in Fema camps, much akin to the federally owned Indian reservations.
If you want to know the origins of the US Constitution, watch this video. Means suggest the US Constitution is predicated on Lakota Indian laws. Unlike the Indian, the mixture of settlers from many countries never developed a culture. These colonists were multicultural and in many cases left their culture behind. According to Means, culture is how a society survives. For this reason the USA and it’s “Sheeple” may be doomed.
You may cry a tear when you watch all of this video. Remember the commercial where the Indian chief has a tear running down his cheek as he looks out across the wide expanse of former prairie, now a city masked with pollution.

Don’t stop at this one video. Watch others about Russell Means. Google this amazing philosopher or search on YouTube.

Now for the weather report on hurricane Sandy:
Frankenstorm hurricane Sandy is shown on “Beforeitsnews” to be manipulated by HAARP and is suggested to disrupt the presidential election next week?
Will Sandy create incredible devastation as a “natural” disaster such that Obama will be “forced” to postpone the elections? Is this the October surprise we have been waiting for? If many voters have no power or are flooded out, if transportation is disrupted or halted, if people are forced to evacuate, then yes, he can and will. Along with that, he can enact martial law, activate FEMA camps and abolish all constitutional civil rights.

Is this the October surprise, the real tricks and treats we can expect for Halloween?


The Bush / Blair War Crimes:
Did you know that an International court has found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes on the same level as Hitler?
Bush, Blair were found guilty of 911 false flag war crimes. Click here to read more: Malaysia tribunal Press TV

Russia Today Reports here.

Did you know Obama was up for impeachment? How can this be when he is running for reelection?. Obama impeachment video.

Did you know there was a third party debate? This was moderated by Larry King!
US Third Party Presidential Debate (Moderated by Larry King)
There is probably no perfect place to live, to survive. I am exposing these events to wake people up. I live in Costa Rica and am doing what I can to reveal and share the truth.  I, dr. Meno say, “Get out while you still can. Don’t wait.” Costa Rica is not perfect, but it is sure better!”
Next week , dr. Meno’s MAD, MAD World News will cover:
The FEMA Concentration camps
Martial law