Infamous Quotes by dr meno & Friends

Here are some original thought provoking quotes from dr Meno and some of his favorites from other characters.
  • “Your body is the ship, your soul is the passenger.”  dr Meno
  • “Is capitalism just fascism stamping out socialism?”  dr Meno
  • “Does a blind person get blisters from speed reading?”
  • “We are going to sanction the United States and corporate America.  By stopping the money flow.”  dr  Meno
  • “We are not going to attack  them with physical violence , but we’ll attack corporate America with fiscal placidity. ”  dr Meno

“The Fiscal Revolution is the day the earth stood still fiscally.”  dr Meno


  • “If you believe that the USA Government is not corrupt, then you might as well believe that Lucha Libre is real. ” dr Meno
  • “Like electricity and water, And most things in nature, they travel the path of least resistance.  So does Authority, it travels the path of least resistance.   An informed and educated mind is most  resistant.”  dr Meno


  • “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”  Sun  Tzu
  • “Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It is the only day of the year he acts as himself.  The other 364 days man dons his mask.” dr Meno
  • “Illuminati have a bad case of OCD,  (Obsessive Compulsive DISORDER).  It is called Corporate  Kleptomania.”  dr Meno
  • “Why be Trustworthy, No one  believes you anyway.”  dr Meno


  • “Dog’s Best Friend, MAN.”   dr Meno
  • “Yard Dogs Have to  Wear the Correct Uniforms”.  dr Meno
  • “Protesting and Rioting is a form of Democracy”.  dr   Meno
  • “We need to quit being the United States and think about becoming the STATES UNITED”.  dr Meno.
  • “Indebtedness is  a form of social control.”   dr Meno
  • “Reading is good.  A picture is worth a thousand words.   BUT experience is PRICELESS”.  dr  Meno
  • “We need to quit learning to live by the rules, and start learning how to live without rules”.  dr Meno
  • “Love was meant to be practice between species, not among species”.  dr Meno
  • “How can a mind be so empty, when not even a torment can keep him company”   James T  Kirk   “That is how a man dies of loneliness.”  Bones
  • “The definition of being RICH, is how much indebtedness you can sustain.”   dr Meno
  • “People ask me how do I know all this stuff,  I answer, How come YOU don’t know this stuff.”  dr Meno
  • “The best financial advice is, Be a Minimalist.”  de Meno
  • “I am a stock market expert.  My advice is , stay away from it.”  dr Meno
  • “The stock market is set up to have  losers.  AND that is YOU”   dr meno
  • “Prostitutes are great economic indicators.  The more you see them on he streets, the worst the economy.”  Max Keiser
  • “Mankind is Earth’s cancer”.  dr Meno
  • Why isn’t there  any homo sapien exhibits at the zoos?  dr Meno
  • “When it comes to justice, The best liar and deceiver  wins”.  dr Meno
  • “Apathy Leads to Entropy”,  dr Meno
  • “There is a universe within a proton.  Are we THAT  universe within  a proton?  OR are we a matrix in a grander universe.
  • Or is our universe the one, that is on the infinite galaxy side.”    dr Meno  (some Quantum Theory here)
  • “I am not Bad, I was just drawn that way”.   Jessica Rabbit.
  • “I LOVE MANKIND, IT IS PEOPLE I CAN’T STAND”  Linus   (ditto for dr Meno.)
  • “Why do they have White trash laugh tracks on Black Sit Coms.”   dr Meno
  • “I  CAN WALK ON WATER,  I AM a LOW  TIDE  JESUS.”    dr meno
  • “My Favorite Thing to do IS Nothing, because it is Rarely that I have nothing to do.”  dr Meno
  • “Hatred, It is The only Thing that Last.”  Henry , the Bar Fly
  • “Thank God for Hypochondriacs” says ,  The Pharms.   (dr Meno)
  • “Patriotism can be a fatal habit.”  de Meno


  • “Patriotism is an attempt to civilize Tribalism, Savagery, and Barbarism.”  dr Meno
  • “To be Civilized,  is to be anti-human.”  dr Meno

Nov. 10, 1939- OCT 22,2012  72 years old.

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