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Super special rates for our BROADCAST.





: 30 sec.   $4.75* 2,350 colones

: 60 sec.  $8.80* 3,880 colones


Over 100 spots, free production.  OR 10% off.

200 spots, 15% off and free production.


Producing Your Customized Commercial:

: 30 sec production  $40.00*   (20,000 colones)

: 60 sec production  $75.00*   (37,000 colones)


Per hour  $45.00* (actual 56 mins.) Mostly for weekend shows. (22,500 colones)

Per half hour $25.00*  (actual 28 mins.)   (12,500 colones)

For infomercials, promote your business, grand openings, etc

Sunday’s Half Off !!


Only for private party classifieds: in categories: for cars, houses, lotes, animals, products, etc.

And will be listed on the web site.

$1.00 (500 colones) per item Spanish or English.  10 word max.

$3.00 (1500 colones) per item for Spanish and English.  10 word max.  15 cents per extra word.  (75 colones)

One time per day, during the classified designated time slot.

As we expand the listeners, the rates will rise. Rates could be 20-100% higher.


Guest DJ music opportunity:  Come in with your sponsors and get paid for your DJ time.  Buy a hour, do your own thing.


We are open to ideas to make this the best radio station in Costa Rica and Central America, and the World


Contact Steve Petretti at 8850-8497 cell, 2786-5555 oficina, leave message, or radiopacsur@gmail.com, radiopacsur@yahoo.com, emailing is best.

OR CONTACT Your local sales representative below.


Steve Petretti    2786-5555

*Rates may vary due to exchange rate. Which ever is higher.

*These prices are introductory prices.

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