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Costa Rica Military has Armed Forces?

Costa Rica Military? Say What?

Costa Rica military does exist: Military Armed Forces ( Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Homeland Security ) includes a very efficient army. Most staffed with the latest guns and armor.   They swarm in and eliminate their enemy with the upmost scrutiny.  Hours of Boot camp training along with instinctual knowledge in swarm and deactivate military tactics.  A method of shock and awe.  Within minutes the enemy is subdued.  CR’s army does not believe in torturing detainees.

CR has a well trained expert engineers graduated from their own TEC, University of Technology. Their astute army has a team of proficient construction Army Corps of Engineers. Only seconds to a miracle, a sturdy bridge can be built.  Within minutes an island or embarcadero can be built to dock their invading Navy and Marines.
Costa Rica has some of the most intelligent navy personnel.  State of the art naval fleet has superb communication, 24/7.  They are the forerunners in sonar and communication technology.  Navajo code talkers can’t even come close to their sonar encrypted communications.  It still baffles all of mankind how they do it. Continue reading