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Costa Rica Used 99% Renewable Energy This Year for their Electricity.

Costa Rica did an experiment with their electricity agency, ICE, and successfully used 98.55 % of natural resources to generate their power.

Orignal article in Spanish.  Use google translate for english.
País cerró el primer semestre del 2015 con un 99% de generación eléctrica renovable

English translation.
Country ended the first half of 2015 with 99% of renewable electricity generation
In over 147 full days it was generated without using fossil fuels
Alternative renewable sources contributed more than 25% to the parent
During the first half of the year, electricity generation from Costa Rica was conducted almost entirely by renewable energy. This was emphasized by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)
According to the National Center for Energy Control (Cence) ICE 1 July the National Electricity System (SEN) records that 98.55% of the power generated for consumption by the ICE and other public and private stakeholders comes from renewable sources: water, earth heat (geothermal energy), wind, biomass and solar.
Only 1.45% of the energy matrix in recent months corresponds to fossil fuels, ie diesel burning. During 2014, this percentage was 10.34% and the ICE plans to reduce it to 2.9% at the end of 2015, representing a saving of ¢ 94,000 million.
For the president of ICE, Carlos Obregon, the numbers show that the company has planned an efficient use of renewable resources.
“Having a diverse energy matrix allows more efficiently exploit atmospheric conditions, while the emission of harmful gases is reduced and a positive impact on the stability of rates are favorable,” said the chief.
Last week the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) announced a cut in rates by applying the methodology Variable Fuel Surcharge (CVC) . Therefore the ICE stressed that benefit through the use of clean energy sources and lower diesel consumption.

Luis Pacheco, manager of the ICE, emphasized seek stability in the supply of electricity, so he reiterated the entry into operation of the Reventazón Hydroelectric Project . This is already more than 90%.
According to ICE 147 days 100% of generation from renewable sources are were on 31 January, 28 February, 20 March, 11 April, 27 May and 30 June.




Costa Rica Consumerism. How Products are Sold, Economically and Environmentally.

Costa Rica Consumerism. How Products are Sold, Economically and Environmentally.

Costa Rica Consumerism.  How Products are Sold, Environmentally, and Economically.

dr Meno, the domestic engineer extraordinaire describes how the consumer in Costa Rica is environmentally conscience with their consumable products.  Most products can be bought in a crushable bag and not packaged in a plastic or glass container.  These said packaged products fill up landfills 10 times more rapidly.

He also talk about the consumer decease Marketing Myosis, and its effects in consumerism.

NWO Takeover of Costa Rica. All The Signs Are There, 20 of them.

NWO Takeover of Costa Rica. All The Signs Are There, 20 of them.

The motion is in progress for the NWO, (New World Order), to take over Costa Rica.  The plan is set.  All of the signs are in place.  Will Costa Rica end up like Greece or Cyprus?
Look at these 20 reasons I believe that the NWO has their Predatory Talons in Costa Rica.
1. The austerity measures across the board.
2. The outrageous loans of 40 billion  and 100’s of mn’s from World Banks, IMF,  Bank$ters
3.  The street signs with the EU flag present.
4.  Gun control,  CR ratifies UN arms agreement, UNODA.
5. President’s wife associated with the UN
6. License plate readers.
7. Cell phone towers throughout, part of the global cloud network.
8.  Do I need to say more, CAFTA
9.  The pretend war on drugs.  USA needs CR to traffic their drugs through.
10. Cell phones, social sites and banks, are farming for  information.
12. Participating in Carbon footprint and Green zones
13. Monsanto trying to bring in GMO’s.
14. WHO trying to spread its poisons around, 715,000 vaccines being pushed.
15. Smart electric meters
16. Fluoridating water and salt
17. Militarizing Security in Wal-Mart.
18. USA donating aggressive tactical police equipment.
19. USA training CR Police force.
20. The pushing of Pharmaceuticals in the health care. Addicting the populace.

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Having Fun With the MOST HORRIFYING INSECT in Costa Rica. Cornizuelo.

Having Fun With the MOST HORRIFYING INSECT in Costa Rica. Cornizuelo

MOST HORRIFYING Looking INSECT in Costa Rica. Cornizuelo
I was having a refreshment at a local bar and what creature approached, ended up entertaining us. Called a Cornizuelo. This is not uncommon to encounter such freaks of nature at a local bar in the pueblos. Named after a local plant too with Bull Horns features. See the Wikipedia link below.
Taken at the La Chicharronera La Costa, Coronado de Osa, Costa Rica
The ladies are Keila y Jerlin


Costa Rica Military has Armed Forces?

Costa Rica Military? Say What?

Costa Rica military does exist: Military Armed Forces ( Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Homeland Security ) includes a very efficient army. Most staffed with the latest guns and armor.   They swarm in and eliminate their enemy with the upmost scrutiny.  Hours of Boot camp training along with instinctual knowledge in swarm and deactivate military tactics.  A method of shock and awe.  Within minutes the enemy is subdued.  CR’s army does not believe in torturing detainees.

CR has a well trained expert engineers graduated from their own TEC, University of Technology. Their astute army has a team of proficient construction Army Corps of Engineers. Only seconds to a miracle, a sturdy bridge can be built.  Within minutes an island or embarcadero can be built to dock their invading Navy and Marines.
Costa Rica has some of the most intelligent navy personnel.  State of the art naval fleet has superb communication, 24/7.  They are the forerunners in sonar and communication technology.  Navajo code talkers can’t even come close to their sonar encrypted communications.  It still baffles all of mankind how they do it. Continue reading


corruptionCorruption: A Comparison

Corruption is the compromise of principles in order, usually for personal gain. As such, it is correct to refer to the selfish acts of individuals that deviate from loftier goals of the government as corruption, and it is correct to refer to the selfish acts of Costa Rican governmental officials as corrupt.

Of course, a government that does not espouse high goals can, by definition, not be corrupt, so the most corrupt officials are not necessarily those who take the most for themselves, but those who take despite espousing high principles that they themselves violate. Despite these facts, I cannot see how you can possibly characterize Costa Rican government as the most corrupt in the world. That honor would appear to apply to the United States of America. Continue reading