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NWO Takeover of Costa Rica. All The Signs Are There, 20 of them.

NWO Takeover of Costa Rica. All The Signs Are There, 20 of them.

The motion is in progress for the NWO, (New World Order), to take over Costa Rica.  The plan is set.  All of the signs are in place.  Will Costa Rica end up like Greece or Cyprus?
Look at these 20 reasons I believe that the NWO has their Predatory Talons in Costa Rica.
1. The austerity measures across the board.
2. The outrageous loans of 40 billion  and 100’s of mn’s from World Banks, IMF,  Bank$ters
3.  The street signs with the EU flag present.
4.  Gun control,  CR ratifies UN arms agreement, UNODA.
5. President’s wife associated with the UN
6. License plate readers.
7. Cell phone towers throughout, part of the global cloud network.
8.  Do I need to say more, CAFTA
9.  The pretend war on drugs.  USA needs CR to traffic their drugs through.
10. Cell phones, social sites and banks, are farming for  information.
12. Participating in Carbon footprint and Green zones
13. Monsanto trying to bring in GMO’s.
14. WHO trying to spread its poisons around, 715,000 vaccines being pushed.
15. Smart electric meters
16. Fluoridating water and salt
17. Militarizing Security in Wal-Mart.
18. USA donating aggressive tactical police equipment.
19. USA training CR Police force.
20. The pushing of Pharmaceuticals in the health care. Addicting the populace.

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Nuke Cardiff NATO Summit. Eliminate Those Criminals

You all want to solve all of the world problems, You all have a last chance by nuking Cardiff at the NATO Summit.  Your other opportunity  past by last week at the Central Bank Summit in Jackson Hole , Wyoming.  To have nuke these criminal banksters would of done the world a great service.  BUT that has past.  SO now someone needs to nuke Cardiff and eliminate the people who wants to eugenic 90% of the world’s population.  NATO is an criminal organization pressing the AGENDA 21 plan.  They are planning this takeover by provoking World War 3 with Russia.

StopNATO: Aerial footage of protests in Wales at NATO summit in Wales 2014

War machines on golf course: NATO Summit kicks off in Wales

Documentary on GLADIO,