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Depopulation, 5 Ways Eliminate 87% of USA. Nukes, CME, EMP, Bio, FEMA

Depopulation, 5 Methods  that can Eliminate 87% of the USA population. As described on the website Deagel.com.  Their 10 year projection.  Deagel is a  private contractor that assimilates data from a variety of government agencies and departments.

The full interview, Alex Jones and George Norry June 15, 2015
George Noory: America Vulnerable To EMP Attack

Nukes, CME’s, EMP, Bio, FEMA

CME’s,   corona mass explosion/ejections
EMP’s,    electro magnetic pulse, TV series Revolution
BIO attack, killer virus outbreak, poisoning water or air.
By nukes, as predicted in TV series  Jericho
FEMA camps gas chambers  or for food source as in
Soylent Green on Pirate Bay

AND of course don’t forget the results of a  total economic collapse.
And the honorable mention, Starvation.  This will be prevalent in all cases above.

Twilight Zone, The Shelter, S03-E03,  Aired  Sept., 29th, 1961.

This episode  is available on Netflix.

American Apocalypse, Coming Soon. As Warned by Jericho and Revolution, TV Series.

Amnesty Immigration ONLY For Countries USA Has Destroyed

Amnesty Immigration ONLY For Countries USA Has Destroyed

Amnesty Immigration.

We should be opening up boarders and arms to the people who we went into their countries and destroyed their whole lifestyle.
Some of these countries include, Yemen, Iraq,Iran, Palestine, Syria,Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt,, and I sure there are others I may not be listing.
USA should not be accepting the people from Latin America. We don’t owe them anything. Well I take it back. The USA has committed many atrocities there.
IMMIGRATION LIES. dr Meno on Immigration, Corporate Imperialism, Native Genocide, and FEMA Camps