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Nuclear Power, Just to BOIL WATER?? How Insane is That

Nuclear Power, Just to BOIL WATER?? How Insane is That

Come on Humans. Are you serious that the best way you all can think on how to boil water is to create a nuclear fission?  Has anyone thought about this?  YES, that is right!  We split atoms just to boil water, to make steam, to turn a turbine.  Is not this an asinine idea?  Especially when you think of all of the devastation and pollution that nuclear accidents has caused in the past.  Looking forward, what about the future of the hazardous waste it leaves behind.  The spent fuel rods held in storage for thousands of years.
With all of the unharnessed energy sources on this earth, geo-thermo, lighting, friction, silicon,  waves, hydro,  Solar, the moon,  gravity, or one of Tesla’s inventions, that  we can’t come with a better way to make water boil?

Are the consequences worth the benefits?  I think not.

Some research says that it is the most efficient way to produce energy.  BUT what is not taken in to account is the after affects of the nuclear power.  The spent rods and contamination pollution.   With incurs cost, managing the waste that is unpredictable in the future.
How many deaths are attributed to nuclear power as compared to oil, coal, and hydro power?  How much sickness, cancer, leukemia has been attributed to the later.