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Vivid Childhood Reflections, the Cuban Missile Crisis. Share your Memories in the Comments.

Share your memories  in the comments.
dr Meno reflects on his childhood trauma during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.
He remembers the drop drills routinely done in grammar school.
The air raid sirens going off every Friday at 10 am.
The massive panic buying at Fedco Stores in the San Fernando Valley.
The location of the air raid siren in his neighborhood.
The family prep for the exodus escape from Smell A.
The news reports.
The fear in the general public.
The “B”movie by Ray Milland, Panic in Year Zero.
The Twilight Zone episode, The Shelter.
Panic In The Year Zero (1962) American Nuclear Holocaust [full movie]
Music score, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Two Tribes, Annihilation Remix.
Two Tribes Annihilation Remix With Nuclear Themed Gallery.
13 days pt 2
13 days pt 1
Cuban Missile Crisis: DEFCON 2

Sojourn of Sanctions, French Apples in Costa Rica.

 Sojourn of Sanctions,

French Apples in Costa Rica.

My report on how I came across French Apples in a small store in rural Costa Rica.   Sojourn of Sanctions, French Apples in Costa Rica.

Side affects from the EU sanctions against Russia, and Russia retaliating by refusing to buy Agricultural products and goods from Europe.  An interesting sojourn for a single apple and its overseas adventure. Having it  to end up in the rural rain forest of Costa Rica. How an apple that dr Meno eats could have been in the hands of a Russian.  Dr Meno  explores how the sanctions are rippled around the world.  Dr Meno looks on how that effects the CAFTA agreement in Central America.  A Sojourn of Sanctions, French Apples in Costa Rica.