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Eugenics, Start With The 1%. Nuke G7, Bilderberg, Solve All Problems

Eugenics, Ought to Start With The 1%, Nuke G7 & Bilderberg,

Solve All Problems

I take it back, NUKE those bastards and COBRA,   the  Elite security martial law  firm providing security.  Cobra is an anti-terrorist group that is also involved in FALSE FLAG events.  Formed after the ’78 Olympics terror attack.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling for any acts of violence. BUT if you want to solve all of the world’s problems then we need to start the eugenics program with the upper1%, at an expedited priority. So where would be a better place to do it that the G7 and Bilderberg summits.
IF,IF,IF we would of participated in the Fiscal Revolution, We would of chocked off the Elitist Multinational corporations of their lively hood and brought them to their knees.  BUT NOOOOooo.  So now we need to take more drastic actions.

G7 will spend over 144 million on security
Bilderberg will spend over 360 million on security.

Eugenics, Start With The 1%. Nuke G7, Bilderberg, Solve All Problems , cont.

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Nuke Cardiff NATO Summit. Eliminate Those Criminals

You all want to solve all of the world problems, You all have a last chance by nuking Cardiff at the NATO Summit.  Your other opportunity  past by last week at the Central Bank Summit in Jackson Hole , Wyoming.  To have nuke these criminal banksters would of done the world a great service.  BUT that has past.  SO now someone needs to nuke Cardiff and eliminate the people who wants to eugenic 90% of the world’s population.  NATO is an criminal organization pressing the AGENDA 21 plan.  They are planning this takeover by provoking World War 3 with Russia.

StopNATO: Aerial footage of protests in Wales at NATO summit in Wales 2014

War machines on golf course: NATO Summit kicks off in Wales

Documentary on GLADIO,