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Fiscal Profiling

Fiscal Profiling in Costa Rica

Anti-Gringo discrimination, racial profiling, is rampant in Costa Rica. Fiscal Profiling is the moda.

I am really fed up with the discrimination here against Gringos in Costa Rica. Most Ticos really hate us here. Discrimination is as rampant in Costa Rica as it is anywhere in the world.  The Gringos are at the bottom of the list.  Below the Nicas and even below the Caribis.

Yes now I hear the gasping of the readers.  Such a tabu subject to be spoken in public.  It is as a secret as the everyday talk in the living rooms of most households in Costa Rica.  Just as it is very true in most houses in the U.S.A.  Now that my Spanish is getting better I hear the comments from the Ticos.  Continue reading